We Design and Manufacture Processing Equipment

S. Howes uses modern manufacturing techniques to design and build its engineer-to-order processing equipment lines with your specific application needs in mind. With over 160 years of experience, Quality & Reliability have been our focus for generations. Our processing machinery & equipment are built to last. We even have equipment still running after 75 years of use.

Custom Solutions


S. Howes Mixing Equipment


Mixing or reacting accomplished with a ribbon or paddle agitator.

Mixing Products
S. Howes Conveying Equipment


Industrial & sanitary screw auger designs. Heating & cooling options.

Conveying Products
S. Howes Screening Equipment


Vibratory and rotary screeners and industrial sifters.

Screening Products
S. Howes Size Reduction Equipment

Size Reduction

Material sizing accomplished by a variety of available products.

Sizing Products
S. Howes Filtration Equipment


Liquid-solid separation and polishing filters.

Filtration Products


Heating, cooling, and thermal processing

Thermal Products
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Based on your facility and application needs, we will build a custom solution to maximize your available space and produce the best quality final product. We manufacture processing equipment such as mixers, screw conveyors, size reduction equipment, separating & screening and filtration machinery for a variety of industries such as:

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Product Testing Laboratory

There are many variables that affect producing the best quality product. S. Howes engineers will design equipment for your specific application requirements. By testing materials in our lab, we can calculate the exact needs for your unique processing facility to produce the best quality product. When testing in our own lab isn’t practical, we ship testing equipment to your plant for on-site testing. Our experienced technicians can provide guidance and assistance with operating any equipment.

S. Howes ES-100 Sanitary Blender Rental Equipment

Rental Equipment

At S. Howes we also offer rental options for short term, long term, or pilot applications. Over the years we’ve built over 175,000 machines and have a huge inventory of available processing equipment for rent that changes regularly. If you are unsure where to start, our experienced technicians will assist you every step of the way to find the solution that works best for you.