Test Lab

Product Testing Laboratory

S. Howes uses modern manufacturing techniques to manufacture & design its engineer-to-order product lines. We can assist in the design of equipment and processing machinery for your specific application and facility. We’ll fit your custom processing machinery to the size, shape, and location you need.

S. Howes Product Test Lab

Material Testing for Practical Application

During the design process, S. Howes will typically require material testing in our lab. Customized to every unique processing application our materials testing lab will help us determine the exact parameters you need to get the job done. When testing in our own lab may not be practical, S. Howes will ship equipment directly to your facility for on-site testing.

Leverage Our Experience for the Best Results

With over 160 years of experience in manufacturing processing equipment for industries such as biofuels, chemicals & plastics, food & pet food processing, forest & minerals, pharma & neutraceuticals, oil & gas, waste & recycling industries, S. Howes has extensive knowledge and experience.

Our technicians are available to assist your staff in operating & maintaining any equipment we build. Contact us today for a free consultation and we’ll design the perfect solution for your unique processing application.

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