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Our experienced staff can help you choose the right equipment for your ethanol or biodiesel plant. Our experience in biofuels processing including: wet or dry milling and product mixing to specialized processes such as steam explosion and polishing liquids filtration, enables us to specify the right equipment for your application. S. Howes is an ASME Pressure Vessel manufacturer.

Chemicals & Plastics

We design and build robust equipment for chemical and plastics plants. Most of our products are engineered-to-order and designed for your specific application. Our test lab is available to assist customers in selecting the right process equipment. From caustic and abrasive to friable materials, our experienced staff will share their knowledge of chemical and plastics processing to design your custom equipment solution. S. Howes has in-depth knowledge of applications with sensitive temperature and pressure requirements and can design equipment to meet your needs.

Food & Pet Food Processing

The S. Howes line of solids processing equipment continues the tradition of highly durable, dependable products. Our sanitary equipment minimizes residue build- up during processing and is designed for easy access and cleaning. High polishes and additional design features are available to meet USDA and FDA requirements, as well as several other European standards such as ATEX and CE.

Forest Products

S. Howes has provided equipment to the paper & pulp and forest products industries for over 100 years. Our robust line of equipment is available for almost every phase of material processing. Our experienced sales engineers can guide you through the selection process.

Minerals Processing

Our equipment is designed for use in mining applications such as ore recovery and minerals processing. S. Howes and Howes Filtration equipment is used in applications including: hydromet processing; merrel crowe (gold recovery); pre-filtration for electrowinning; repulp processing; molten sulphur recovery; nickel and copper catalyst recovery; uranium recovery, etc. Our sales engineers can guide you through the equipment selection process.

Pharma & Neutra

Used by many of the World's leading pharmaceutical companies, S. Howes' pharmaceutical and nutraceutical equipment is designed to meet rigid sanitary standards across the globe. From mixing micro or active ingredients to mechanically conveying finished product, our equipment is designed with the highest quality standards.

Oil & Gas

Drilling for natural gas and oil in the northern states will grow inexorably over the next few decades. New environmental regulations imposed by state environment protection agencies now address disposal of drilling fluids. These new regulations can significantly add to an energy companies drilling budget. Southern states have begun adopting similar regulations as an alternative to the open-pit disposal approach for drill tailings. S. Howes equipment and closed loop systems can provide solids recovery. Additionally we offer a variety of mechanical conveyors, separators mixers, pug mills, and feeders.

Waste & Recycling

S. Howes offers a wide variety of equipment designed to process municipal and industrial waste solids. Our equipment can break-up and process filter cakes and dry sludge. Recycling steps such as rewetting, reagent addition and size reduction are all within our capabilities. Let our sales engineers guide you through the equipment selection process.